Spartan Mud Run

My most recent Groupon purchase was The Spartan Race. Before actually knowing what this race was or where it actually was held, my fingers had already magically pressed purchase. Then came the time to read the fine print which explained that this race was made by trained Navy Seals and was being held 30 min outside of downtown PORTLAND. OOOPS! (I live in Seattle).

Fortunately my younger sister is impressionable and I convinced her to buy this groupon as well. Next weekend we will be doing the race and we have done zero training. The $40 groupon deal has now turned into a $300 trip. I will keep you posted to see if this groupon might have been a large mistake. At the very least it is a good story. We have also recrutied our cousin who just recently moved up to Seattle. Her response “This will be a great way to welcome me to Seattle… exhaust, bruise, cut and scrape me up with that good ole Washington dirt.. :)” -Lindsay

The Spartan Crew

Deal Here


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