How Women REALLY Diet

I can’t believe we are sharing this candid conversation with all of you, but thought you would appreciate the honesty 🙂

Lindsay says

I am pretty proud of myself…last night I ate like a whole thing of Nutella, so I woke up early this morning and went to the gym downstairs and actually ran 3 whole miles in 28 min

Sara says


Lindsay says

Then of course had a donut on the way to work to congratulate myself lol

Sara says


Lindsay says

Unfortunately I loveeee to eat!

The donut was worth every mile

Sara Schwartz says

At least you did something extra! I had FIVE skinny cow treats last night and a square of Ghirardelli chocolate…. and no extra work out to make up for it LOL

Lindsay says

I’m actually laughing out loud

Sara says

I think it’s probably about to be that time of month

Lindsay says

omg I actually forgot I was on it

Sara says

I always get crazy chocolate cravings around that time… i mean 1 treat usually satisfies my craving… but FIVE? Really?

Lindsay says

I can’t have those things in my house – I would eat the container in a night and it’s even worse with Ben and Jerry’s. I could eat 2 pints in a night lol

Sara says

Then i was like “the more i eat, the less that will be left to tempt me later! Maybe I should do myself a favor and eat the last 5”

Lindsay says

hahahahaha omg I say the same thing!

Sara says

Today let’s just say my stomach is not as flat

Lindsay says

Hence can’t have them in the house

Sara says

Let’s just say no more shopping at Costco

Lindsay says

We should just start printing off our convo’s for our blog

Sara says

I wonder if anyone else will find them as hilarious as we do!

Lindsay says


We are NOT alone! My sister does it too!

Any of you ladies relate to this mindset? 🙂


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Two 20-something versatile bloggers, who discuss the hilariously sexy SWEATY truth!

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  1. Okay I seriously died.

    “the more i eat, the less that will be left to tempt me later”


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