Top 5 Bachelorette Grievances

The truth:

Senior Prom!

     I started watching the bachelorette religiously after I realized Nathan Bakke, a guy I went to middle school and high school with was on it. To mine and my sister’s complete shock we actually knew someone on the show. So of course now we were locked in! I must admit though I hate the show! It is completely unrealistic and insanely annoying for these top 5 reasons:

5. The Muppets Date

Her dates are more like bro time. All the guys learn lines for a Muppet show or Shakespeare play…lame! Who wants to watch these insanely boring tasks. I want to see people get drunk say ridiculous things and interact with the actual girl they are supposed to marry at the end. The Muppet episode had to be the most boring thing I had sat through and I am not sure how that was supposed to help her get to know anyone but Kermit.


       The only part I enjoyed was    when Charlie came and talked to her about his fear of speaking in public. The only interaction I even remember her having with any of the guys the entire episode.

4. Ricky

We get it YOU HAVE A KID! This doesn’t mean you can’t have a life or personality. I am so over her doing lame activities because she has a kid.  That means, I guess her life has ended and now she just looks sexy as a soccer mom. I mean these dates are hard to watch they are so boring and some of these guys come out of the date saying it was one of the best moments in their life! I am like how BORING is your normal day to day. The best day of your life was making a batch of cookies and having an awkward conversation? How am I still single if this is considered fun? Beyond this her and her child’s relationship is uncomfortable. You never hear her talk to her kid or play with her. My sister is closer to her preschool class.

3. Her Choice in Men

So she gets rid of Charlie who seems to be interesting and have humility which I find sexy…then gets rid of Nate granted he was shy and did cry the only time we saw them hold a conversation but at least he came off as innocent and sweet. She then decides to KEEP Ryan who clearly is the biggest player ever! I mean she keeps insisting she just wants someone who will be a great DAD (which is why we have to watch the most eye-gauging boring dates, aka Muppets). Any woman who has ever dated before can clearly see Ryan would be a great Saturday late night, hook-up at 2 in the morning but that is the only time he could be anyone’s “daddy”.

2. Her Fault List

This for me made me want to regurgitate. She asks one of the guys what his faults are or if he has any…which is a really awkward question and he doesn’t answer it the way she wants so she explains her faults. On the list, I don’t work out. I am sensitive. I care too much….WTF. You have GOT to be kidding me.  This is a list of faults! I don’t work out? How is it possible then that you are 100 lbs and have not an ounce of fat on you! That seems to me to be her list of accomplishments turned into faults! Whatever you say Michael Scott!

1. Her 1 year plan!

On her latest date with Jef an entrepreneur (mind you), he asks her where she sees herself in a year. Wait for it…Her answer, well hopefully married and trying to have more kids. THIS IS THEIR FIRST DATE! In real life this would be every man’s worst nightmare! I can’t even imagine providing this as an answer on a first date. And he loves it and decides he really feels she may be the ONE. So are you telling me having no ambition, not working out, having a child and having little to no sense of humor is what men are really looking for? I have been going about the dating scene all wrong! This in the real world would scare off any man in a 30 mile radius. If these guys think they needed to go on this show to find a girl like this, I know of about a thousand women they could date. Just join any dating website.

Ryan’s reaction in real life if he heard the word “Marriage” come out of a woman’s mouth.

Please share your thoughts. What do you find most annoying about the show? Do you disagree? Let’s battle this out. Is this really what men are looking for?



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  1. I think they should call the show the “Bitchellorete” because its so fail!

    Don’t you agree?

  2. WTF! You know Nathan Bakke!!! Um he was the best looking guy on there, he does not need to marry that crazy girl. Tell him to move to LA…his love is waiting here lol

  3. Yes, he can come to LA too! I have saki bombs waiting for him!

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