5 Things Every Man Should Know

Listen up MEN — these are Lindsay’s top 5 tips of the day on how to

Make a girl feel SEXY and want to get SWEATY with you:

These 5 very simple tips should help improve your dating and love life no matter what your relationship status.

I think men sometimes need a woman’s perspective, so here it goes:


You never know if you don’t try! Women have a tendency to change their mind. I have not really been attracted to a man before but because he was persuasive and pursued me with such vigil, I went for it. Guess what those guys turned out to be the ones I had 1 or 2 year relationships with. They ended up being the ones that I was head over heels for. So moral of the story sometimes the pursuit is worth the risk! Have confidence and if you want someone go after it, just as you would a raise at work.  “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”-(to quote Aaliyah). Now this might not always work but I do know a large amount of women who said no to their prince charming before saying yes. So the next time you are thinking about asking out a girl and scared she will say no, go for it with persistence!


Recall something that the girl has said /done/worn on a previous occasion and a woman will melt! This means you were doing (#3)! You were LISTENING! If you can remember my mom’s name or what my sister does for a living or my favorite candy this will score you major points! This means you were thinking about us! I actually think men usually have better memories then women so this shouldn’t be so hard.  Recall, a band I love and buy tickets to the concert or even just know a couple of their songs. This shows you are interested in me and what I bring to the table. This is super attractive and sexy!


NEVER pull out your cell phone on a date! Do not compliment other women! Look at the one you are with and make it known you wouldn’t rather be with anyone else. Women want to feel desired and with all the technology and multi-tasking we do during our daily lives it feels so good to really have someone listen and look at you! This I am sure sounds like an obvious one but trust me more often than not men fall short in this category.


Whether we admit it or not, we EAT THIS UP! Examples include: Opening the door for her, especially opening the car door, driving her to a destination, walking closest to the street, picking up the check (even if she insists), or just serving her the first glass of wine. Women eat this up!!! We love it! Whether we act like we are a feminist and we insist on doing it for ourselves or the most generous person in the world we LOVE when a man does these things. They are so simple yet so sexy!! It makes us feel feminine and protected. It eases our mind and lets us concentrate on the present moment and having a good time (hint hint). I promise if you do all of the above a woman will not look at you with the “just friends” look at the end of the night when you are going in for a kiss.


You can be bald, overweight and nerdy. But if you follow this rule, you WILL SUCCEED! A woman spends anywhere from hours to days planning her outfit, hair, nails, and makeup for a date. If all that work goes unnoticed is to say the least, a let-down! Say something specific, like her glowing skin or hot dress. Better yet say something random you love just about “her!” I have had the weirdest compliments like “I love your eyebrows”. As strange as that was I loved it! He was noticing something specific about me and it made me feel special. Say what you are thinking, if it is something wonderful she WANTS to hear it! Make the high heel pain worth it! She did not wear those because they are comfortable, she wore them to show you she is ready for a GOOD time! Knowing that you are attracted to us makes us only want you more. All PLAYERS know this, so take a tip! How do you think they get all those girls to PLAY?

Now if all else fails say something to make her laugh. We love a sense of humor!

These things always put me in a sweaty mood!

What about you?


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