This picture makes me feel better …it is FAR more AWKWARD

This morning I went to grab my daily coffee at TOP POT donuts on my walk to work . Something you should know about me, I am not great at silence. If there is a moment I must fill it. So as the woman is swiping my credit card I look down at their business cards. On their cards they list all of their locations. I see Wagwood. For no particular reason I feel the need to ask the lady so “Where is Wagwood?”

She looks at me with bewilderment for a moment then pauses and says “Wedgewood?” I feel a slight rosiness enter my cheeks and I say ha “Oh yeah that D is pretty well hidden.”  Then I had to let her know I am not from around here and so that is why I haven’t heard of Wedgewood aka Wagwood. Anyway I don’t care what the name of the town is and I still probably wouldn’t have been able to know where it was located if she told me. I didn’t even really care if they had a location there. She could probably care less that I am from out of town!

Moral of the story I don’t always need to fill silence with awkward conversation.

What do you do to fill the silence? No wonder they have that Phrase Silence is Golden.


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  1. Did these donuts give you the sweats?

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