I am a bit sad that we, (almost always refers to my sister and me) missed the festival this year. We have attended it the last 3 years but decided this year we would mix it up and do Bumbershoot, since it is right next to our new place! But seeing as how it is the month of June and the festival was just last weekend I decided it is only fitting to provide a tribute and make it a top 5.These are the Schneider (our last name) must haves that make the festival complete. Without further a due:



Anything you would never wear in real life. A banana suit, Where’s Waldo attire, Bright Neon anything goes. Nothing is too wild or outrageous. Let out your inner freak because well, why not!


This is always so fun. You look terrible and have been sweaty and gross for days so every picture you take on a digital camera you will want to delete. Those extra pixels are NOT your friend at this point. We always bought 3 or 4 disposables and it was so much fun to get them developed and the graininess of the photos actually added character and made them look old school. 


I bought these little goody bags for the first year we attended Bonnaroo for my 2 cousins, sister and I. I put cheep ridiculous sunglasses in them and other items as well as little notebooks. The Notebooks turned into quote books. Driving in a car from AZ to Tennessee you have plenty of time to talk and say stupid, unusual random things. Then when we got to the actual festival we kept it going and wrote down anything we deemed quote worthy. It has been so fun to look back and even if it is only funny to us it brings back some fond memories anytime you pick that bad boy back up again for a quick nostalgic moment. 


We actually bought Costco sized everything. You would have thought we were a football team going to a deserted island for a week. We did it to the MAX. Which actually became the theme for the trip when other people at the festival saw our massive 10 person tent and abundance of mass produced food. But these were devoured by the end of the trip and made for some great stories. One woman walked by our tent while we were relaxing drinking a beer  and saw our huge animal cracker canister and said she would trade her magic mushrooms for “one handful of our animal crackers”. This woman had to be on them herself to think that was a good business proposal. Needless to say we passed on her magic but did give her a handful of our hot commodity. 


This became the best way to meet fellow campers. You paint on them, they paint on you! People walking by wanted to join in the fun and did. Where else can you put paint all over yourself and others and be considered cool? It always put me in the Bonnaroo spirit!


So there you have it! The top 5 things the Schneider’s bring to Bonnaroo. That’s how we ROO! What about you? What do you bring or wear?


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