5 Annoying Things People Say When You’re Young & Married

John and Sara – on our wedding day 🙂

I got married at 23. “Ohhhh but you’re so young!” people love to say. I just chime back, “Ohhhhh, but you’re so OLD!” These are the TOP 5 things you should expect to hear from friends, family and best of all, TOTAL STRANGERS when you get married before 25!!! Let the countdown commence!

5) “So… when are you buying a house?” Because after being broke from a wedding, buying a house is the FIRST thing on my mind!

4) “I hope you know a good divorce lawyer!” Yes, someone REALLY said that. And yes, there were bruises.

3) “Oh, I didn’t invite you because I assumed you we’re staying in with your husband.” Last time I checked your life doesn’t end when you get married. If anything, you want to get out even MORE! This is what your Friday nights start to look like…

2) “But you’re so young… you have your whole life ahead of you!” Yes, exactly! We want to SPEND the rest of our lives TOGETHER!

Now for the #1 MOST annoying thing people say when you’re young and married…..

1) “So… you must be planning for kids soon?!”  That’s fine if you are, but never assume! Whatever happened to getting married for LOVE? Oh – people still do that these days?

There you have it. The top 5 things you should expect to hear if you are planning on getting married young. I didn’t even think 23 was that young!

What else have people said to YOU?

❤ Sara


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  1. I always hated when people would say, “So, how’s married life?” I’m sure that’s not specific to young couples, but it drove me CRAZY. What am I supposed to say, “I absolutely hate it and can’t wait to knock this guy off a bridge!”? Of course not! Young, newly married life is fun, sexy, and wonderfully challenging–but I didn’t want to tell everyone about it!

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