These amazing pictures are in no particular order. Please let me know your favorite sexy photo.

Don’t know where mom was for the hair or outfit advice on this one. But at least I got the pose down. Keeping it sexy with the hand on hip action.

I am quite sure you never owned a jump suit this sexy. And I have got that slicked back hair thing going for me, which really creates that extra swagger. What’d you say.…What’s that…You want more jump suit pics..okay. I’m so HARD Representin’ the SUNS. Only die hard fans have the jump suit!

Oh yeah, Wassup! I don’t only represent the SUNS I am full throttle all the way Arizona Baby! I believe this was my phase where I liked that people thought I looked like JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS...THATS RIGHT JTT! I may even have the BOP magazines to prove it.

Is that my cousin Robby…NO WAY. low and behold, it’s that cute little Lindsay. Keepin it hard once again with NO FEAR. Unfortunately this shirt only came in boys sizes. But nevertheless it didn’t stop me from rocking it with my LOONEY TUNES hat!

OOPS… How did this one slide in there…Look I need some redemption ….Don’t worry there are more embarrassing ones ahead..And even more recent …

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