I have never understood why grown men grunt in the gym when they work out until now! I can’t even slightly bend my knees without making a painful grunting sound. Waking up today, I felt as though someone had punched my entire body..oh wait they did!

When they finally started our count down at 3:28 with the Announcer yelling: who are we, “WE ARE SPARTANS” says the crowd…I  started to have a mini panic attack! Thinking I am more of a pipsqueak then a Spartan I wonder why I signed up for this insane Groupon. I payed $40 to be basically, beat up. Hannah and Taylor were filled with excitement and joy ready to start seriously sprinting, as I am trying to convince  myself this is still a good idea. I had only two seconds to collect myself and then the smoke bomb was thrown and people started charging forward as they played .

My heart started pounding and I felt the anxiety leave and my adrenaline take over! Before the race we had only drank some coffee and Ice tea...NOT SMART. Before any obstacles began we had to run up an extremely steep hill! Once we got up the hill we had to pull cinderblocks up to the top of a tree using ropes. We did this with flying colors! Feeling confident we started to pick up the pace going down a muddy steep hill. While making our way down the hill I fell pretty hard on my tailbone. Mind you this was not an obstacle. Semi-embaressing. This ended up making the 120 BURPEES even more BRUTAL!

You only had ONE chance to try and make it through an obstacle. If you did not get it your first try then you would have to do 30 BURPEES! People were more scared of the dreaded “B” word than any of the obstacles. And the worst was when you did almost the whole obstacle and then fell and had to start your burpees.

Surprisingly the easiest obstacle for me was the crawling in the mud under the barbed wire up a really steep hill. This seemed to be the most challenging for the men especially if they were tall and thick. Being 5’2 put me in some serious advantage! The only time I hit the barbed wire was once,when I let my BIG BUTT get to high.

The most challenging obstacle for me was the one where you climb out of the muddy water and pull yourself up a rope with only 4 knots in order to ring a bell at the top. The mud reallllllly started to weigh on me and it felt like I was carrying 15lbs of extra weight. This required intense UPPER BODY strength and I carry most of my weight in my booty and legs so this was SUPER challenging! 

I got to the 3rd knot and thought I was going to either vomit or pass out. People were yelling from the crowd “Just pull yourself up!” I am like yeah ok ...NO PROBLEM! As if I was just chillin and hadn’t already been racing for a full hour before. I dangled for a good 15 seconds before coming to the realization I was not going to make it!  I was going to have to let go and do 30   Burpees!

Some super human actually completed this ENTIRE RACE,4 MILES & 20 OBSTACLES in 28 MINUTES!!! We desperately wanted to see what this STUD looked like. Unfortunately we did not.

I would have to say my 2 favorite things about this race were The HOT MEN and GROUP CAMARADERIE! I had no idea how sexy men could look with dirt all over their bodies and sweat running down their face! There was something so primal about the race and the challenges. You knew you had to do whatever was put in front of you. And help was encouraged along the race! There was no turning back! This was an undeniably incredible experience that I WILL NEVER FORGET!

If you get the chance you have to sign up! Don’t even think about it just DO IT! I think this would be a super fun sexy couple experience! Get SWEATY AND DIRRTTYYY with your partner and or friends and become a SPARTAN!


Have you done the race? What was your time? Have a great story?

…BRAG about it here! – Lindsay



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  1. Great experience that will stay in my memories forever! I loved all the attention and admiration we got from wearing our Spartan Warrior shirts the day after. Finishing this race made me feel like a badass even if I didn’t get close to finishing in under an hour.

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