Getting Past the Sweat in Hot Yoga

When I first tried hot yoga a month ago, I could not stand all the sweat. I was constantly taking breaks to wipe myself down to be dry. It was disgusting, dirty and distracting! After pushing through 5 classes I started to LIKE the sweat. This sounds like a very yogi thing to say, but now the sweat represents negativity. It is evidence you worked hard and purged all the bad stuff out.

Everything in hot yoga is a metaphor for something you experience off of the mat. Certain poses make me doubt myself, while others make me feel powerful. I do Power Vinyasa 3x a week and it’s a physical, mental and spiritual experience I’d love for everyone to have.

Lindsay pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and TRY IT!  I thought, “why not just sit in a sauna?” If only I knew! When I do “regular” yoga, I now think to myself, “I’m not working hard, if there’s no sweat!”


❤ Sara


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  1. I did hot yoga once. It was rather enlightening to say the least. I don’t think my manhood can take anymore.

  2. Hot yoga will improve your manhood! Keep going 🙂

  3. The first time I went I was super disgusted. After a while it stopped bothering me. Although when someone in front of me starts wiping sweat off of themselves I want to tell them NOOOOO it keeps you cool! lol.

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