A Typical “Welcome Home” From My Bengal Cat

Nala’s happy to see me! ..For 2 WHOLE seconds

FIRST she steals my snacks! 

And THEN my water!

Then she follow me to the table to scratch up the furniture!

Ooh these motorcycle boots look like fun!

Stop uploading videos and pay attention to ME!

I see you moved – that means it’s play time!

Where’s my DINNER?!

Oh, you needed to use this? THIS IS MINE!

Just a typical 15 minute welcome from my Bengal kitty! She may be a little wild but I wouldn’t trade her for anything 🙂

What funny things does your kitty do?

❤ Sara 


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Two 20-something versatile bloggers, who discuss the hilariously sexy SWEATY truth!

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  1. Aw, congrats for your kitten! Adorable! loved your story

  2. Thank you! Your kitty is so cute and funny!!!

  3. Beautiful cat has a beautiful human.

  4. Ours thinks she owns the apartment, sometimes you will find her asleep in the sink and refuses to move, even when putting the tap on!

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