These are 2 out of 3 of the Freaks! Bet you can’t guess which 2!

According to 3 women, including myself.

During foreplay or even to start out foreplay, GRAB our THIGHS and ASS and pick us up! Once you have us up throw us against a wall or onto a bed! This means you are aggressive, strong and a bit of a freak. Guess what we’re FREAKS too and LOVE THIS!

EXAMPLE: But you can get even more creative!Believe me she will be telling this story to all of her friends! It is only a rare occasion that this happens. So Be that Rare guy! (In my lifetime twice.)

Women do you agree? Or is this just a Schneider (My last name and the 2 other women that agreed to this turn on) thing? Got something Better? Share it!



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  1. I completely agree!

  2. Tanner Leavitt

    4 women and me sounds like a great time. Think I’d get tired from all the lifting and pushing around though…

  3. And don’t ask. Just do.
    As they say in the little mermaid: “It don’t take a word, not a single word. Go on and kiss the girl.”

  4. I didn’t realize how wise Sebastian was!

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