Nothing says I am a MAN more than beer. It means you are laid back and casual. You  aren’t trying to get drunk but you are willing to loosen up. This is a very safe drink order. It isn’t like a bottle of wine where you are definitely putting in the time. A beer can be chugged if the conversation has run dry and you can get the tab and get out. Beer is saying “ I have the option to order another or just call it a night.” This is not the boldest choice, you will not stand out from the pack but at least you’re still in the race.


James Bond’s knows what’s shaken (Yeah super cheesy I know) Usually Martinis take awhile to drink and set a fun tone for the evening. This man is a little risk taker and likes to get a little wild. This could be a bit of a player but you are for sure in for a fun night. I feel like martinis and dancing somehow do really well together. I have no idea where the night will take you but I can assure you with this wild card it will be memorable.


There is something sexy about this drink! It’s sophisticated but not pretentious. It means you go outside of the box and have a creative side. You don’t mind showing a little sensitivity and you put thought into what touches your lips. Which, will hopefully be me by the end of the night.


NEAT, ROCKS, MANHATTEN It’s all the same to me. I prefer Jameson or Maker’s Mark but any will do. The key to the whiskey order is that YOU DO NOT, GET SLOPPY. If you can handle sipping on a nice Whiskey and stay in control that is SUPPPERRR SEXY! It makes me think you have a bit of a refined taste and like a bit of a bite. Whisky is like a great first kiss. It makes you feel warm and tingly inside and leaves you wanting more…


This sets the tone that you want to have a sexy romantic evening and you are all about taking your time. You are methodical and want to set a nice smooth pace for your evening. Don’t pick the cheapest bottle but don’t pick the most expensive either. $35-$40 range is perfect. Ask what your date likes and then pick something in HER realm that is a little funky and new for her to explore. “Red red wine I love you right from the start” That’s what she will be thinking about you after her second glass. Let the wine flow like water. This gives you the chance to be masculine and serve her. She will now be wondering if you will continue this servant role right on into the bedroom. 

There you have it! Now it has to be 5 o’clock somewhere!

What’s your drink of choice? Have I missed a sexy one?



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  1. Depending on the evening, beer, red wine or whiskey. Not had a negroni though

  2. You’ll have to try one on you’re next date!

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