I should preface this post by letting you know my mom is my best friend but sometimes she likes to abuse the best friend privelege of calling “whenever” and “as much as you need to”.

She will call 6 times a day and talk about either the same thing or to ask advice that she will ignore.

She is coming into town tonight and yesterday called to ask me “what to bring as far as shoes go”. I said “sneakers”. Her response “Those are so ugly, No I will just bring my cute flats.” Then she says “will they get ruined in the rain?”. I say “yes”. I guarantee she will arrive with a bag of flats or cute boots despite my advice.

Anyway so the point here is that she is cute and calls ALOT! So she called 2 more times throughout the day. Once when I was in my yoga class and the other right when I got home. This is within a 20 minute time frame mind you.

So then I look down and realize I got a text which read “Hey it’s me (Insert my ex-boyfriends name).”  From my MOMS number.

Followed by “Next time I call on your mom’s phone, answer ok”!!

I immediately call my mom. She is cracking up and says  “I just read your blog post about the cycle of a breakup and now know exactly how to get in touch with you.”

I did call her right away…so moral of the story,

I guess Mom’s do know best.



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