What a Bloggers Weekend ACTUALLY Looks Like

7:00am: Grab your phone and check your blog site stats, comments, post likes, and check out the latest posts on reader.

9:00am: Grab coffee and breakfast while laptop is firing up. Start typing your morning post while chowing down. Ignore any mess.

Click below for the rest! (though if you’re a blogger, you already planned on that)

10:30am: Publish a post, half-heartedly watch TV, and promote post on Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter

11:30am: Refresh site stats every minute hoping for an increase in activity. Browse random blogs and comment on them, secretly hoping someone will click on your links.

12:30pm: Start working on your next post while periodically refreshing site stats.

2:00pm: Publish post and think you’re pretty awesome.

2:05pm: Promote post on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google+ and email all your friends. and grandma.

2:30pm: Refresh site stats and wait for the comments and likes to roll in. Start commenting on other blogs again hoping to gain more visibility.

3:00pm: Think to yourself, “I need to get up off my couch and DO something… okay I’ll go grocery shopping and to the pet store.”

3:05pm: Start browsing around on random blogs and Pinterest.

4:00pm: Think to yourself, “OK I NEED TO GET UP AND LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW!”

4:15pm: Finally shower, get dressed into sweat pants you found on the floor, and go to the grocery store, pet store and bank. On the way there you refresh site stats and email from your phone. “Don’t wanna miss anything if my blog blows up!”

6:00pm: “Finally, back home! Now I can put up a REALLY good post and show everyone how awesome I am!” Start work again on your next post.

7:30pm: Realize you forgot to put your groceries away, and feed the cat, because you were too busy blogging.

8:00pm: Publicize your next post, and get distracted by cute animals and hotties on Pinterest and Facebook.

9:00pm: Throw together a sandwich and eat it while working on your laptop, and kinda watch crappy reality TV. Continue commenting on random blogs, and wishing you’d become rich and famous because everyone finally realized how awesome you are.

12:00am: Wonder where your entire day went, and if you are actually just a loser. Continue refreshing site stats until you fall asleep with your phone in your hands. On the couch.


Anyone out there as cool as I am?

(P.S. Since this blog has only been up for 2 weeks, I have a hope my obsession will settle down…we’ll see…)



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Two 20-something versatile bloggers, who discuss the hilariously sexy SWEATY truth!

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  1. Ha Ha! Sounds like something I used to do with an old blog of mine as well! However, I do suggest you try to tone down the blogging a little bit. If you really serious about making your blog famous then paid advertising would be your best bet. If you cannot afford that then blog commenting on relevant blogs would be the way to go. SEO is another option if you are experienced with it.

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