Lindsay’s Cleaning Cleanse DAY-1

Ok so I HATE juice and I know you will think I am weird after that statement but I just don’t like it! Not even Jamba Juice or Roebucks or whatever kind of smoothie you will inevitably say “try this it is sooo good.” “No really try this it’s not like the other kinds.” “Lindsay try this, I swear you will like it.” After my fifth time saying, “NO” You will without fail say “Ok you’re missing out” In a last ditch effort to try and convince me. Unless it is a chocolate milk shake I will not drink your smoothie! And to be honest I don’t really like trying people’s drinks and sipping out of their straws to begin with and I don’t expect you to want to sip out of my saliva infested straw either.

So my point is my cleanse this week, will not include any juicing or smoothies. When I first moved to Seattle 5 months ago I read “The Happiness Project”. I really liked it and got super into it and thought I am so, going to implement my own. Then I finished the book and of course got over the inspiration of my own “Happiness Project” as I did when I took Marine Biology and Forensic Science in college. But unlike the pipedream of becoming a marine biologist or forensic scientist I can become a happier person.

If you have not read the Happiness Project I will give you a cliff notes version:

-A writer takes on the challenge of trying to implement a change each month, for 12 months of her life to give her the opportunity to squeeze out a little more happiness.

-The author is married with 2 kids so the things she changes are on a small scale, something she can incorporate into her day to day routine.

-She is not unhappy to start but does think she could escalate her happiness.


For one month she tackles cleaning out her house and getting rid of clutter and creating more, organization.

This is something I want to try! I would not consider myself a hoarder but I love to keep nostalgic items from the past that I will probably never use again and maybe only look at once a year. I also have a really hard time getting rid of clothes. I always think something will come back around in style or look good on me later. These items always make their way into the deepest depths of the bottom of my drawers and back of my closet. I almost never look in these spots because those are where I keep things I secretly do not like. I have so many pairs of jeans, dresses and shirts that I have never really liked on me, but they were “in style” so I bought them thinking I will wear them. WRONG!

Examples include:

True Religion Jeans: I have a couple pairs from like 5 years ago and they NEVER looked good on me. I have a pretty voluptuous (nice way of saying LARGE) butt and the huge pockets on True Religions make it look enormous. I will never wear them and have never worn them but feel guilty giving them away seeing as how I spent a small fortune on them. Same goes for all 5 pairs of my Juicy sweat pant collection!

A perfect example of what they do not look like on me!

Budweiser Sofie Shorts: Two of my middle school best friends and I bought these in Mission Beach one summer. I loved them!  They were comfortable, funny and now always remind me of the summers I spent in Mission Beach. Well now I am no longer in 7th grade nor have the thighs or butt of a 7th grader. I shockingly can still fit into them but they leave little to the imagination. I will never really wear these but yet can’t part with them.

The good ol Mission Beach days!

This week it is my mission to de-clutter and live in the NOW. If it doesn’t look good on me now and I would not wear it today then I should not KEEP it. I will never throw away old love letters or pictures but keeping clothes that I will NEVER wear is becoming stressful with my crevice called a “closet”. I am tired of using both biceps to pry away the hangers to see a glimpse of what may lie between. It will feel so nice to actually see what I own and be able to easily grab it.

When I was in Yoga the other night the teacher said something that really stuck with me. “If you aren’t now here, then you are nowhere.” There is so little difference in between the words but its impact is huge. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened and so if you aren’t in this moment at this time you are nowhere.

The cleansed feeling I am going for!

So in attempting to be here…I am cleaning out my closet (as Eminem would say).

Pictures will ensue 🙂


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  1. Instead of juicing, try leaner! So handful of veggies (broccoli etc) lean protein do chicken or fish. In regards to carbs, change to brown, so brown bread, rice, spaghetti etc have one day where you can eat what you want! Drink lots of water too 🙂

    Good luck with the closet 🙂

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