So unlike my counterpart Sara, I am terrible with diets. I have maybe tried 2 in my whole life and caved after the first day to my obsession of sweets. But fortunately, I do like to exercise. I get bored fast and have to switch up how I get sweaty but I do like the adrenaline rush and most of all the SWEAT.

MY TOP 5 Favorite ways to sweat:

5. Music Festivals

I love going to concerts and festivals. Especially in Summer when it is nice and warm. Usually at concerts and festivals you do a lot of walking and dancing! It is good for the soul and your soles 😉

4. Dancing

I should preface this by letting you know I am in NO WAY a good dancer or trained. I often have been compared to Elaine on Seinfeld but that doesn’t stop me from getting nice and sweaty on the dance floor!

3. Bike Riding

I love to do activities that are outside and  fun to do with others. My sister, cousin and I all recently bought bikes and have been exploring Seattle. 2 weekends ago we happened to ride our bikes to GASWORKS PARK and randomly stumbled upon the HONK FEST! It turned out to be a super unexpected amazing ride, That ended with us guzzling liters of beer. We had zero guilt consuming those bad boys after our 12 mile ride!

2. Hiking

This was one of my favorite ways to sweat in AZ! I love CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN! I can’t stand treadmills or looking at the same things or a clock counting down the seconds till I am done. So for me the dessert landscape was super serene and kept my mind off  the time. I loved having the hot sun beat on my back and the smell of dirt on my shoes!

1. Hot Yoga (Currently Power Vinyasa but also Bikram)

I love not having to think about what I am working or how. Having someone tell me exactly what to do is something in my “normal” life I  despise but in Yoga I LOVE it! It takes all the thinking out and lets me just “show up“! I think Yoga is super fun, playful and gives me real results I can feel and see. I not only see changes  in myself physically but mentally it makes me stronger and helps give me the patience I realllllly lack off of my mat. Yoga is my favorite way to sweat because it is a balance of the physical and mental sphere. I also can do it everyday without feeling like I need a day off for recovery.

I LOVE trying new things and will never shoot down a new work out or experience. My family and I just recently completed the Spartan Race in Washagoul, Washington and had the time of our lives! I want to sign up again next year!

What is your favorite Sweaty activity? Give us SWEATY GIRLS something to try!


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  1. I miss doing muay thai, that for me was one of the best sweat fest’s 🙂 My girlfriend tried corss fit last night, the thumbs up was that it nearly made her puke, so must be good as she is really fit. Could be an idea for you, I might give it a go when my ankle is fully healed!

    • Sara just tried crossfit and I really want to too! That is my next work out to try as well as muay thai! I have heard great things about it and I would love the chance to look like a fighter instead of a pipsqueak!

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