DAY 3 of Lindsay’s Cleaning Cleanse

Yeah there wasn’t a day 2. Day 2 I felt too over whelmed with the idea of going through all of my drawers in my room and closet. Instead, I sat and looked at them for a good 20 minutes and once I came to the realization that I do not have Harry Potter powers to move my things with my mind,  I decided it was best to grab some Sees chocolates and enjoy the Bachelorette.

But DAY 3 was where the magic happend! I CLEANED OUT all my drawers and my CLOSET!!! I also came to 3 conclusions throughout this proccess;

1. I apparently only liked to go shopping for jeans when I was a size 24/25. I have no clue at what point in my life I was this size but I got rid of over 10 pairs of jeans that I could barely get above my thighs. When I did do so after rigorous thrusting side to side movements and shimmy’s, I could only manage to walk as if I lived in the 1920’s cowboy era. I feared that if I bent my knee to even the slightest degree, I would hear a nice ripping sound from every seam. Needless to say, I do not like the cowboy look and don’t plan on being a size 24 anytime soon. Now I can actually see the pants that I fit into and easily access the ones I do wear.

2. My clothes look cute on other people. My cousin Hannah (the scrounger) and sister Taylor were awaiting my every decision on each item. It was as if they were puppy dogs looking at doggy treats. Every time I set a piece of clothing to the side they jumped at the chance to snag it and try it on! It made me super happy to see others enjoy my taste and for it to actually look good on them. It made it easier to let go of items when I saw how much better they looked on someone else.

The faces of the happy inheritors aka my family!

3. Getting rid of items made me realize where I went wrong in my purchases and what to avoid when shopping in the future. I hate to admit that many items still did have tags on them. What can I say, I CANT RESIST A DEAL. But I am starting to come to the conclusion after 26 years on this planet that it is not a deal if you will never use/wear your purchase. I need to only buy things I can’t wait to wear once I leave the store! I need to absolutely love the things I buy otherwise they aren’t worth my hard earned cash (I no longer have the luxury of putting everything on daddy’s credit card). I really think that seeing the things that you bought, that you didn’t wear, is a great learning tool to teach you what NOT to waste your money on in the future.

All of the items that I just had to have…

I feel so much lighter leaving my clutter behind and ready to get my shop on! I kid, I kid.


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  1. I think even with spells, it’ll be kinda tiring to wave your wand to clean up, atleast being a muggle lets you loose calories while doing so.

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