I woke up day 2 without an alarm clock and felt full of energy. I normally have two shots of espresso every morning just to make me feel human, so the fact that I don’t need caffeine and feel even better? AMAZING!

I also noticed my midsection had shrunk substantially from the day before. What a plus! All day I felt alert, happier, and less hungry. I didn’t want as much juice as I did on day 1 either – in fact, I easily had 1/3 less! I feel that if I can make it through 1 more day, I could probably make it 7 days. But I’m not going to be too hard on myself if I don’t decide to endure 7 full days.

Juicing Schedule for Day 2:

8:20am 4 oz

10:30am 4 oz

12:30pm 6 oz

2:30pm – 4:30pm slowly sipped 6 oz

7:30pm 8 oz

This is the book I use! I look up whatever main ingredient is in my fridge, and can find tons of yummy recipes. ALWAYS use a recipe, because you can’t randomly throw things in. Just trust me on this. There are things you shouldn’t mix, and shouldn’t juice.

What helped me stay on track was telling people what I was doing. That way there was no easy out for me! Last time I told no one, and caved much sooner.

I can’t deny that I have been thinking about food all day. Because it is all around us! I had an all-day meeting, and there were warm bagels, cans of soda, granola bars, and we went out for lunch! Everyone got garlic fries, tacos, steak, ahi tuna salad, BBQ burgers, you name it! I could have eaten and enjoyed ANY of it!

This is making me VERY excited to be able to eat and enjoy food again! I want to start planning out healthy, flavorful meals and decide how I really want to eat. If I don’t craft a plan, I know I will fall into a food oblivion.

What do you think I should do, to avoid a massive binge afterwards?

❤ Sara


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  1. I’ve read that after a juice fast you should eat something vegetarian or vegan so you dont’ make your stomach hate you (even more than it already does for denying it some yummy). Good luck!

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