I am finally finished with my week from hell of brutally starving myself, oh I mean physical and spiritual cleansing. 🙂

Now that the longest week of my life is over and I’ve moved on to eating solid foods I can enlighten you all, if juice fasting is worth it!

If you haven’t already you can read my juice fast confessions this week here, here, here and here.

I had a very hard time this week. There were highs where I felt on top of the world and like a walking vegetable! But more often than not there were extreme lows where I felt like I couldn’t even live any longer. Why would I put myself through such a grueling process? I didn’t realize it was going to be so brutal. My stomach was constantly growling, I never felt satisfied, and I started to hate the taste of juice. Towards the end that was my problem. I became so sick of juice I started drinking less juice and more water, and became hungrier, light headed and dizzy.

I went up to Lindsay a few times freaking out, contemplating giving in and eating – and she always was like, “I’m not going to tell you to break your fast, but if you are this dizzy you might want to try eating an apple or banana!” So I did that twice throughout and it kept me going longer than I would have. I’d say, “Is it normal to feel like you are dieing?” She laughed and was like, “uhhhh no Sara, I don’t think that’s normal!”

On day 4 I was really struggling, and people at work even asked if I was okay. They were like, “you don’t look so good!” It was such a mental battle. I desperately wanted energy from protein so I could concentrate at work, but I still wanted to make it as long as I said I would! My husband’s simple words made it clear for me. If I was really that miserable I should make myself NOT be miserable and just eat something. He said, “you’re going to have to eat eventually either way!” That resonated with me so I decided to go out and get half a chicken sandwich. Food didn’t taste half as satisfying as I’d hyped it up in my mind to be. In my mind that first bite would be like the holy grail of all bites! What dissapointment followed…

a few hours later I thought it would be a great idea to get a Rice Krispy Treat and Lemonade from Starbucks

..and then later I had some Coconut Gelato

……and then a S’mores Poptart

………and then miso soup, egg soup, and chicken terriyaki. and a piece of sushi.

…………….and then I felt like I was going to EXPLODE! Ohhh the misery of that crap sitting in my poor poor stomach.

Needless to say, 3 hours later nothing stayed down. SEE WHAT I’M GETTING AT HERE? If you starve yourself for any amount of time you are going to freak out and overeat! Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t – I did it!!!!!

The next morning I felt so sick to my stomach all I could consume was juice. And for lunch all I could stomach was a plate of watermelon. I felt like I needed to go on another juice fast just to erase all the bad stuff I put back into my system. Why can’t I just have a healthy outlook towards food? Now I realize how silly I was. Had I just eaten moderate calories and worked out I probably would have lost the same few pounds in water weight. And juiced 1x a day (because it still is an awesome way to get your fruits and veggies in!!)

All in all I highly do not recommend a juice cleanse. My skin stopped breaking out for 4 days, I slimmed down a tad, and needed less sleep – but I also lost my life. I missed out on dinners with coworkers, drinks with friends, hot yoga, work outs, and eating with my husband. Food is such a huge part our lives, to not be able to do it feels like you aren’t living. Besides that it just sucked being fatigued and dizzy all day. Take it from me, just an average girl in her mid-20s:


❤ Sara


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  1. I also heard its not a good long term thing for your metabolism. Sorry for your suffering!

  2. I am with you! I’ve had my own struggles with my relationship with food. I gave up on day 3 of my recent juice-fast attempt. Just not worth it. But I agree, still a huge proponent of juicing as a way to supplement a balanced and healthy diet.

    • You’ve done it, so you know how crazy it is! I know alot of people who want to do juice cleanses, but I’m trying to talk them out of it!

      • VivreAventure

        Yep, you can tell them I said so too. There are healthier and more balanced ways to “detox” or whatever. I was hoping for a quick-fix and as usual, it didn’t work out.

  3. These “diet” / “detox” regiemes are, in my opinion, at best ok for a day, perhaps two if you want a quick weight loss for a party dress etc; generally they are awful and you really cannot beat doing what your body has evolved to do – eat a bit of everything. Fair play girl for doing it though! If nothing else – you know you have the will power to achieve anything you want!

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