Uh oh. I have already procrastinated a day. Seeing as how it is July 2 and I had planned on posting this yesterday I am hoping YOU all can hold me accountable. And that just maybe the guilt will strongly influence me to complete most if not all of my challenges for JULY 2012. Since I have a “friend” in town till the 5th I will not start until then and will give myself till August 4th to complete my missions!


10. Submit 2 articles to magazines to try and get published..key word try.

9. Starting July 5th Do Yoga for 30 consecutive days Ending on August 4th as well as Journal after every class (and by journal I mean at least jot down 2 words about how the class made me feel).

8. Go ONE whole day wearing no makeup and blog about my experience. Now I am not really a makeup whore by any means. I have no problem not wearing eye makeup and usually go without but I always wear Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer as a foundation and then for my hyper pigmented areas  (due to acne scars and what I would call a slight picking of the skin habit) Make up Forever’s Concealer. Then for some reason I feel it very necessary to look happy and rosy so I always brush on some basic Cover Girl blush. This is my daily routine and it is a must before I leave the house. So it will be a challenge for me to wander the streets without my usual face.

7.I bought a bike this past month and have only ridden it once so I want to at least get 4 good rides in this month. My main goal is to do a 24 mile ride to Woodinville’s Red Hook Brewery on the Burke Gilman Trail.

6. Do both Living Social’s Sara, my sister and I purchased. One for a 1.5hr Pole Dancing class and 2nd for Wasup Yoga Paddle Boarding. And of course write a wonderfully entertaining blog post about it!

5. Do the Warrior race July 22 and beat my last time of an 1hr and 34min.

4. Saturday July 28 attend Urban Yoga Spas Yoga-thon and complete 6 whole hours of yoga. (Super scared about this one due to the fact that this means NO drinking on Friday!)

3.Attend  at least 2 concerts in the month of JULY.

2. Read ONE FULL book! This one is tough since I have a tendency to start them and not finish.

1. Go one week where I only spend $20 a day. Let me preface this by saying I never have kept a record of my spending. And I have never been someone to be diligent about a financial plan. I have savings but have never kept a “real” track of what I spend and where it is going. So I think this would be a fun/ good experiment to try (with that said I am sure I will despise the fact that I decided to do this and go on strike against myself :)).

So there you have it! My List of 10 things I would like to achieve in the month-ish of July. What would you add?

I would love suggestions! Make a list yourself! Let’s compare and motivate one another or just bitch together 🙂

And of course my plan at the end of all this is to celebrate by having a PARRTTTYY! I am all about working hard and PLAYING EVEN HARDER!


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