So as I had mentioned in my breakup post #2 I spent this past weekend in Woodinville. Well, we stayed at a pretty romantic little resort. When I woke up Saturday morning (around 8am) I figured I would sneak out of the room and grab some coffee and breakfast for us. I walked down the hallway into the entrance of the hotel and got a nice waft of a freshly brewed roast. It was in a conference room off to the side of the main lobby.

How nice they had a whole spread! Coffee, breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, fruit, bagels. I was so excited I grabbed 2 plates and started hoarding all the items I could to take back to the room. As I am loading my plate a woman looks at me and says “Hi, I’m Cathy’s sister, Linda.” She then looks at me as if she were to say and “who are you?” I reply Hi “I’m Lindsay.”

She stares at me for an uncomfortable amount of time and I slowly pick up on the otherwise “obviousness“(to anyone but me, apparently) that this is not for the entire lodge but rather for a bridal party. I then realize I am the only white female in a sea of a very large Asian family. Needless to say I did not easily fit in. My whole face started to turn red and it was quite clear that I was not welcome to steal their “complimentary” breakfast for the wedding party. OOPS!

I have to say the breakfast was prettyyy prettty prettty good but I don’t know if it was worth the serious anxiety attack I had after realizing it was NOT complimentary. My other half was extremely lucky. He totally reaped the benefits and didn’t have to deal with any of the embarrassment.


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  1. Ouch! Lol at least you survived… How did the wedding party react to you stealing the goods? haha

  2. Oh man! Narrow escape! 🙂

  3. Myth and Mr.E

    What? Is Free Breakfast not a right on the newly expanded list of human rights? And morning sex of your choice (buffet style) … for the person who brought the breakfast, that should be on the list, too.
    Your companion was oh so lucky to have you — you bring the goodies. –Mr.E

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