July Challenge Day 2

Ok so here’s the deal. I am going to start this whole July Challenge thing on Sunday the 8th. I think we can all agree the holiday made our schedules a little weird right? And plus I found a new show to watch (Workaholics) and had left over pizza to eat last night. I mean besides I am pretty sure my Yoga membership is up on August 8th so it just makes wayy more sense.

It is definitely not that I am lazy or anything I just think it’s important to eat leftovers (Eco-friendly) and not be wasteful. One might say you could have gone to yoga and then eaten leftovers but that person would be wrong because I have a sister as a roommate who would have gotten to them first.

Speaking of this sister of mine, when everyone was calling their significant others with news of our businesses relocation I called Taylor (the sister). She immediately started doing a New Jersey accent or I should say what she thinks a New Jersey accent would sound like and says so “Schneider’s(our last name) do New Jersey huh”?

To Be Continued… (Just like the Saved by the Bell days or Fresh Prince Of Bell Air or I guess really any tv show and The Matrix…oh that made me so mad!)


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  1. But of course!!! We all have to get to the leftovers first… Yoga could not have been an option. What about this whole fourth of July thing? Is it supposed to be like new years now! Save the bIg changes for 2013. Until then eat pizza and enjoy! Eco friendly pizza of course. Does that mean organic??

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