The CURVE Effect

My first 2 boyfriends wore Curve cologne and I can still smell it on a guy from a mile away. I LOVE the smell. I know it is a super cheap cologne but it is so nostalgic and sexy. I absolutely love this smell so much that anytime a guy wears it I instantly am drawn to him (embarrassingly similar to the infamous Axe commercials). For me this smell is my weakness!

My cousin just recently informed me that now people are doing a new form of dating based on pheromones and smells.  People wear a shirt to bed for a week or so and then put it into a bag and then the opposite sex smells the various bagged shirts and picks the shirt that ignited their nostrils. They then match you based on the smell that most enticed you. This intrigues me! Who needs words when we have our very, primal sense of smell. Forget the annoying profiles and emails just be lazy and wear the same shirt for a week and leave the rest up to sense!

Do you think you can sniff out  your perfect partner? 


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  1. Ha- this is great! Today, I was out and smelled “Cool Water” (my high school bf’s signature scent)… It took me right back. Not sure I would like to sniff random dude’s shirt, though…. 🙂

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