I’m losing my job, as I said here. This past 2 weeks I have gone through every emotion imaginable, and am BEYOND DRAINED…  I realized that I’m going through the 5 stages of grief. It’s silly in a way – this is a JOB, not a person! But my job became my identity, especially because I love what I do, and my coworkers! I’ve been there for 1 year 9 months and is obviously how I pay my mortgage and survive.

See below for the process. Which I’m in the middle of 😦

1) DENIAL. This was 2 weeks ago when I got the news. Crap, we’re relocating to New Jersey? Nooo that won’t happen. I’ll still have a job. They’ll let me work from home! They’ll change their minds, I have nothing to worry about.

2) ANGER. This was all this week. My coworkers went through this too so it riled me up as well. SCREW YOU COMPANY! You are screwing everyone out of severence and compensation! You think 1 week of severence is all we’re worth? How dare you plan a move across the country and not tell us until now! I’m going to quit right now and spit in your face!!!

3) BARGAINING. This happened today. I got my meeting with the CEO (had to fight for it) and made a case for working from home, and explained my commitment and passion to the company. After fighting through my bitterness and anger, I decided I did want to try and stay with this company for at least another year. I laid it all out there and it got REJECTED. I then told the CEO how much I respected him, and appreciated the opportunity to be at the company. I told him how much he has done for all of us, and thanked him. This was the first meeting with someone who probably said ANYTHING like that, and he actually got choked up. I was emotional too, of course.

4) DEPRESSION. This is me right now and I expect will continue for another week or so. After my meeting I got closure from the bargaining, which I appreciated, and just went home and laid in bed. I’m utterly useless and feel so hopeless. I feel like I’m never going to get a good job, make as much money, and not like my coworkers as much. I am SO SAD I am going to lose close friends at work. I’m so depressed about ruining my career and never finding anything as good in this economy. I feel like I’ll never meet a cooler group of people than my coworkers now and I’m going to hate life being somewhere else.

5) ACCEPTANCE. I hope I get here. I hope I can start applying for jobs and get vested into that soon. I’m not there yet, but I know I will get there and can feel optimistic. I have had bursts of optimism, but since I’m in stage 4, I can’t really feel optimistic yet.

Some people in my office are happy this is happening so they can pursue other opportunities, many are just angry, and others are truly sad about it. Everyone’s job loss experience is different considering who was committed, happy, life experience, and who was on their way out anyways.

❤ Sara


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  1. I went through something similar last year, although I wasn’t entirely enjoying my job at the time (not that anyone actually realised!). It’s hard, but it gets better. You will make new friends, you will find another job that you enjoy and might even open new doors for you. As lame as it may sound, everything happens for a reason. Time will show you what that reason may be!
    Good luck – you will be fine =) x

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