Yep, We are definitely losing our jobs!

I am going to need the PADDLE!

“Voyage upon life’s sea, To yourself be true, And, whatever your lot may be, Paddle your own canoe”

Sara has been amazing at talking about loosing our jobs. I on the other hand like to ignore this fact for as long as possible. I have had A LOT of jobs and usually enjoy the hunt of something new and meeting a whole new group of people. But I just found this job a little over 3 months ago. Actually the day they broke the news that the company was relocating to New Jersey was the day I should have become a full time employee. My 3 month temping period was up (YAY!).

So I am super ultra screwed because I get ZERO opportunity to relocate or get hired on as an employee. Which means no unemployment, no severance package, no paid holiday and no benefits! Actually I don’t even get the courtesy of a meeting to discuss my time with the company. But seeing as how I work at the reception desk I get to watch 2 full days of meetings in our glass conference rooms.

Friday everyone was so distraught I probably had at least 10 people stop by my desk afterwords and vent to me. Our COO’s right hand man came up to me as the tenth person stopped by my desk and said ” Lindsay is not a THERAPIST everyone needs to stop talking to her.” This was maybe one of the only times he has even acknowledged my presence beyond creepy stares when I wear a dress or really anything at all for that matter (he is just creepy).

It finally set in. I will probably be let go by September. Once this set in I immediately started applying for jobs and calling the recruiter who hired me for this position. I probably applied for 15-20 jobs Thursday and Friday. That gave me hope and made me feel excited for something better. But then today hit and my mailbox has yet to receive anything hopeful.

Now frustration has set in. I just graduated from ASU in December and was so excited to get out of the restaurant industry and start a career. I couldn’t wait to actually use my degree and talents. Well as it turns out every job post expects that you have at least 2 years of experience on top of your BA. What? How does this make sense?  I try to leverage my serving experience and say ” I am wonderful with people” or “great with sales” but this does not seem to work. They want me to have apparently held a full time P.R. job or Marketing position somewhere between college and now.

I even did a 4 month internship with Livenation doing PR and Marketing. I don’t understand this. How can you get your foot in the door? I do not want to do reception again! I mean I went through 4 years of school  so I can order Jimmy Johns sandwiches and answer phones? At least in my serving jobs all the demeaning hard work paid off. I made way more money serving then I do now!

I am starting to think the internet has screwed us! I apply and spend countless hours sending out these resumes and cover letters and don’t get to meet with one single human. Apparently everything I have to offer can be reduced to a one-page paper. I mean at least meet with me and then you can reject me but how on earth can you choose someone or cancel someone out based solely on their resume alone.

I know things will work out and growth and change are always good. My mom told me “Just go in your cave, lick your wounds and then come back out.” I think this is good advice. You need a couple days to digest, have whatever feelings pop up, pop up and then move on. I know everything will eventually come together and be for the better but patience is a virtue that I am still working on :).

For dramatic affect 🙂


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