Sexy Lace on a BUDGET!

I never realized I had an addiction to lace until today. When for the 3rd night out in a ROW I found myself wearing lace. In fact, it’s all I had in my suitcase, and was a steal of a deal 🙂

LOVE My Lace!

Below are my last 3 nights of lacey obsession!

Night 1 – Statosphere and Sushi Roku

Okay, to be honest I’m not a big fan of this skirt. It doesn’t fit right, short enough, as A-line as I’d like and is kinda see-through! BUT for $19 at H&M can you go wrong? In fact Lindsay has this same skirt and we didn’t even know it!

H&M $19 – can’t go wrong here!

Night 2 – B&B Ristorante

Urban Outfitters – thank you for coming through on this corset-inspired lacey number! Sweet meets sexy for $69.

Urban Outfitters Laces it UP!

Night 3 – Fleur

I’m a little too obsessed with this coral lace piece. Whether you’re tan or white, this color always looks DIVINE on! Nordstroms – $48. Plus there’s surprise cut outs in the back.

Nordy’s does lace RIGHT

Well there you have it – and that was just what was in my suitcase THIS week! Which of these is your fave?

❤ Sara


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