The Bachelorette Guys Tell ALL!

I feel a lot better about watching this show after my pretty masculine cousin from AZ came to visit and told me that him and my other cousin watch this show on a weekly basis.

It was a pretty lackluster snoozefest last night and the bloopers were anything but funny. I must admit though, I really enjoyed Ryan. Although he does look like he has joined the Columbia drug lords and has gotten way to much sun I think he is still super sexy.

I loved his playful comments and I wasn’t the only one. The usual’s (My sister, cousin, me and our friend) watch this weekly together and we all agreed Ryan would be a wonderful drunken mistake, then we changed that into a sober mistake and we finally landed with the fact that well, he would not be a mistake at all :).

He is funny, cute and dammit I want to see all these “worldly gifts” he has. I mean the worst thing he said was that he would love Emily if she chose to eat cheeseburgers all day but wouldn’t “love up on her as much”. I think that’s fair. I mean besides I highly doubt after getting all her plastic surgery she is just going to “let herself go.” Besides I think that is the stupidest question ever. Who wants their partner to get fat? No one!

Ryan scored major points on our scale which also could be the reason the 4 of us our single…but still! I would be very interested in watching him as the next Bachelor, he would make it sexy, fun and at least give the show a sense of humor.

Chris on the other hand I think might turn into a serial killer (and not the sexy kind like Dexter). He freaks me out! When he gets angry which is like every 2 minutes his eyes look like they are going to pop out of his sockets and he starts to shake and look like he is having a mental break down. Beyond that I find him extremely unattractive. I will NOT be watching the Bachelor Pad. Let’s just say they chose the 3 most unattractive guys of the show to be a part of this reality nightmare.

Emily as usual was boring and made no sense. She says she wants someone to love her beyond her looks and she doesn’t want to be a “Trophy Wife” yet she has breast implants,  lips that are plumped up like Angelina Jolie and I still have no idea if she works or what her actual job is beyond being a “mom”. I do have to give her credit though when it came to Kalen she called him out pretty well. I liked the rented helicopter comment as well as the fact that she made him look like even a bigger douche bag which I didn’t think was possible.

All in all it was probably a waste of 2 hours of my life but I did enjoy it and of course will tune into the finale. I mean come on every other show I love is on break. So for now the Bachelorette will have to fill The Office void 🙂


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  1. Uh oh, I thought Chris was cute?

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