What’s New With The Sweaty Girls?

Left – Sara, Right – Lindsay

So it’s been pretty dead around here lately… what’s up with THAT?! Well both of our lives have been crazy busy and full of changes lately, so keeping up on a blog has been the last thing we’ve wanted to do. So to update you on life, I (Sara) have been crazy busy and don’t know where summer has gone! Here are the biggest updates:

Job searching is exhausting. I’ve been on 5 interviews in 3 weeks, with 2 coming up and I am ready to give up and be a bum. The nerves, the excitement, the disappointment, you know how that goes. I could be doing this for many more months for all I know.
Work has been draining. I’m doing 2 positions right now and fall is a busy time… Busy, busy, but hey makes the day go by quicker 🙂
My husband just quit his job which is GREAT! He needed a change after 6 years. He is transitioning into a commission only job! Could be awesome, but we could be starving for a while.
My best friend since grade school is moving in with my husband and I. This could be a bad decision and could potentially hurt our friendship and my marriage but it also is helping a friend, helping us with some rent money when we need it and I’ll be able to chill with her more! Our house is a split-entry so she will have lots of space to herself, so it’s actually not going to be that big of a change for us.
I am not being healthy. This sweaty girl has been eating out, eating too much, eating the wrong things and hardly working out. THIS IS NOOOOO GOOD! I am ready to make a change for the better and look and feel great again. My jeans are tighter than they should be and 2 months of slacking has taken it’s toll on my jeans.


Taylor, Sara & Lindsay at my 25th birthday!

Alright – so that is what I have been up to! I’m really trying harder to keep you guys entertained with lots of fun new posts! Stay tuned, we haven’t forgotten about you!

❤ Sara


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