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Happy 5th of July!

My festive Sister ­čÖé

I cannot believe the 4th has already come and gone! This was my first 4th of July in Seattle and we actually had a wonderfully sunny day! It was a little strange for me though because it was pretty cold in the evening. So cold that one of my guy friends actually wore MY jacket. Being from Arizona I am used to a very hot summer evening but all in all it was a success! We played Texas Hold Em and I think for the first time ever I had enough discipline to WIN:). I am excited for some Seattle heat (mid 70’s low 80’s) and to get some color on my pale skin. Bring on the Summer, Seattle and let the festivities begin!!

Also, I was going to try and forget that I made a large challenge for myself during the month of July starting today. I am super tired from last night and have ZERO desire to do yoga tonight at 5:30. I have less than an hour to co-hearse myself into this! Come on guys bring on some excuses or I guess I should say motivation!

How did you spend your 4th? 

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