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What a Bloggers Weekend ACTUALLY Looks Like

7:00am: Grab your phone and check your blog site stats, comments, post likes, and check out the latest posts on reader.

9:00am: Grab coffee and breakfast while laptop is firing up. Start typing your morning post while chowing down. Ignore any mess.

Click below for the rest! (though if you’re a blogger, you already planned on that)

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Our Baby Turned 1 Week Old Today!

We are so proud to have been in the blogosphere for 7 DAYS NOW. We have 14 followers, 26 likes and 885 page views!  We’re not really sure what we’re doing yet…but even if ONE person enjoys this, it will make our day!

~ Heck, even if no one likes it – we are in love with blogging! ~

We greatly appreciate every single one of you who has taken the time to stop by – we hope you enjoy what we put out there. But we do need your feedback to give you what you want! Comment or email us at!


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