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I am finally finished with my week from hell of brutally starving myself, oh I mean physical and spiritual cleansing. 🙂

Now that the longest week of my life is over and I’ve moved on to eating solid foods I can enlighten you all, if juice fasting is worth it!

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Getting Past the Sweat in Hot Yoga

When I first tried hot yoga a month ago, I could not stand all the sweat. I was constantly taking breaks to wipe myself down to be dry. It was disgusting, dirty and distracting! After pushing through 5 classes I started to LIKE the sweat. This sounds like a very yogi thing to say, but now the sweat represents negativity. It is evidence you worked hard and purged all the bad stuff out.

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How Women REALLY Diet

I can’t believe we are sharing this candid conversation with all of you, but thought you would appreciate the honesty 🙂

Lindsay says

I am pretty proud of myself…last night I ate like a whole thing of Nutella, so I woke up early this morning and went to the gym downstairs and actually ran 3 whole miles in 28 min

Sara says


Lindsay says

Then of course had a donut on the way to work to congratulate myself lol

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Sara’s Fat Blasting Hour with TRX

Us fitness folk have all seen the yellow cables in the gym – but have any of you had the balls to try it? What exactly is TRX? When I was at ACSM in San Francisco last week, I was on a mission to find out…

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We Started a Blog!

It’s taken 2 weeks to come up with a good name, clear vision and implementation but WE DID IT!!!  We would love to hear your feedback and anything you’d like to see. We hope you enjoy Sweaty Girl Confessions!!!

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